Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood [Hologram] - NICO Touches the Walls Cover by ZorDonofDoom

This next person is one we have recommended to you before: the amazing ZorDonofDoom- phenomenal singer/songwriter. Check out their YouTube channel for outstanding cover songs of video games and anime as well as some fantastic original songs available from “The Confuzzled” EP. Not only does ZorDonofDoom post great songs on YouTube, but they also stream great video games on Twitch. Go check out their Twitch page for some amazing content. 

Now check out their latest video, a cover of the beautiful Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood song- [Hologram] NICO Touches the Walls. A real delight for fans of both anime and good music. Check out the link and enjoy!


  1. ZorDonofDoom has a great voice! And their streaming content is really good! I love to just hang out in their channel, watching the game and listening to ZorDon pretty voice! Delightful!

    1. For sure! Great atmosphere and a friendly, supportive community :)


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