Are you a fan of the Dragon Quest series? What about strategy RPGs? Well if the answer to either of those questions is yes, then you should take a look at the free-to-play Dragon Quest Tact! Available on both iOS and Android, this 3D gacha game is a great little addition to the Dragon Quest series. 

Recruit monsters to be a part of your team, and battle against other lovable DQ monsters from a top-down, tiled-based field. Follow along with the story, and join in other limited-time events, to build a team of powerful monsters. Each monster has a rank from F to S, with S being the top tier, one of nine different species, and five different combatant types. I have only played for a couple of hours so far, but I have enjoyed myself. The DQ characters are super cute, and the story is decent, especially for an FTP game. 

Do yourselves a favor and check it out today!


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