Watch ANOVA80 Get 5:38 WR/PB (Bailey%) in Metroid - Hitless In Mother Brain Room!


Check out this insane Metroid (NES) speedrun by Twitch streamer ANOVA80! Watching this speedrunner go through the Mother Brain (main boss) room in the classic NES game Metroid without getting hit once is absolutely epic. To make things even more interesting, he doesn't even have the ice beam! If you are familiar with this game, then you probably know that the only way to destroy an enemy Metroid is to freeze it with an ice beam then shoot it with missiles. However, to bypass this, the player can be captured by a Metroid and at the precise time go up an elevator which then initiates a crazy glitch. What happens next is mind-blowing. 

ANOVA80 Metroid Speedrun

The player becomes invulnerable against Metroids but everything else can kill the player...with a single hit! This glitch is referred to as Zombie Samus or zombie mode since she technically dies but keeps going. 

ANOVA80 Metroid Speedrun

In this speedrun under the Bailey% category, ANOVA80 was able to pull this off resulting in him beating his personal best and break the world record. By the way, best part about all of this is that he is very chill about it. This dude is too cool! He has most definitely proven that he is one of the top Metroid players worldwide and a master of this classic game. Watch this incredible speedrun and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Also, do not forget to follow ANOVA80 on Twitch for more awesome gameplay. 

Most streams run from 8pm EST until 11pm on random days. Make sure to follow ANOVA80  to receive livestreaming notifications.


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