Watch Yoshiendover & GNEiL48 Rage While Competing For The Hot Babe In Jump King

Jump King Battle Between Yoshiendover and GNEiL48

The rage was real for Twitch streamers Yoshiendover and GNEiL48 when they competed for the "hot babe" in the videogame Jump King. This retro-style platformer is by far one of the most frustrating video games we have ever come across. Both Yoshiendover and GNEil48 played for several hours. How they had so much patience is beyond us. Also, GNEiL48 was doing a 24-hour charity stream and was already 12 hours into it! Kudos to you dude. Was somebody crowned the Jump King you ask? Watch their videos below to find out! 

(Watch Yoshiendover rage at 3:28:47 for at least three minutes. It's absolutely epic.) 

Our hats off to both of these streamers. Don't forget to follow Yoshiendover and GNEiL48 for more awesome video gaming moments.


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