Command & Conquer Remastered Collection With Tankus On Twitch

We cannot express how happy we are to see Command & Conquer remade and being played in this generation! Originally released in 1995, this real-time strategy game was revolutionary in its time and watching fellow gamer Tankus play C&C Remastered Collection brought back a lot of great childhood memories. Not only is he an excellent player of this game but he also explains what he is doing for those who are not familiar with C&C. Watching this clip was nostalgic to the max! Thank you Tankus for reminding us how old we are and that we need to get this remastered version of Command & Conquer. Don't forget to follow Tankus for more awesome gameplay! He is a down to Earth gamer and his streams are always entertaining. 

Tankus' Twitch Schedule
MON 08:00 PM 
TUE 08:00 PM 
WED 08:00 PM 
FRI 08:00 PM 
SAT 08:00 PM

America/Los Angeles Time
*Mature Audience


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