LOZ: Ocarina of Time Piano Medley

Until Breath of the Wild made its debut, Ocarina of Time was THE Zelda game to play for a very long time. Everything about it was just absolutely incredible and that includes the sound track. Any true Zelda fan will tell you that listening to the music itself brings back beautiful memories. This is why we wish to share with you this tear inducing video by ErikC 'Piano Man'...Enjoy!

0:03 Title Theme
1:22 Song of Storms
1:54 Serenade of Water
2:11 Great Fairy Fountain
3:29 Saria's Song
4:01 Zelda's Lullaby
4:13 Minuet of Forest
4:25 Bolero of Fire
4:38 Lon Lon Ranch
6:18 Nocturne of Shadow
6:36 Gerudo Valley
7:28 Title Theme (Reprise)
7:45 Kakariko Village
8:55 Main Theme
9:19 ???


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