Human Gangs 2: Free Offline Game That Is Frustratingly Fun

We give this game three F's for Fun, Frustrating and FREE. It's a fighting game that is absolutely hilarious because of the sloppy way that the characters move and sound. They just look and sound funny when they are fighting. The title sounds intimidating but it's really not. The game begins with some floppy thugs in animal costumes crashing into your home and stealing your dog. So of course you have to get your dog back and beat up these thugs while your at it. What you really have to watch out for is your frustration level.

Some of the puzzles aren't that easy and the controls can have a mind of their own at times. (Or it could just be that I have a low spec Android...who knows.) What we do know is that I am not that great at this game, as a matter of fact I have a video of me losing horribly to the first bad boss of this crazy game. My floppy character just kept getting beat left and right while my best friend is trapped in his tiny cage.

Anyhow, it's a free game so we can't really complain but this game will either leave you laughing or crying. We rate this game a 6/10. It is above average, where it deserves to be. And yes...we did eventually beat this bad boy!


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