Fallout Game Franchise Review (Updated)

Let me begin by stating that it is in this author’s opinion that the Fallout game franchise is one of the best ever. Period.  I shall explain why.

I remember getting a new PC at the turn of the century and going to the store to find a game to play. So there I was looking for a new game when I spotted Fallout. I read the description, “A post-apocalyptic role playing game” and it intrigued me.  I bought it.  Then when I saw the first cut scene, I was instantly captivated, “War, war never changes.” Excellent intro I thought. Few minutes into the game and I was an official Fallout fan.

What makes the Fallout game series so interesting is that the fallout world becomes your world. You can make it your own.  The atmosphere is reminiscent of post WWII America with a futuristic retro-punk twist. The main character is a vault dweller who manages to leave the safety of their vault and roam the wasteland, surviving by any means necessary. The world has been destroyed by nuclear warfare, but that doesn’t stop you. You come across mutated beasts and humans alike due to years of radiation exposure. Some are friendly, many are not. You accept missions and tasks that help you survive, some of which are highly controversial and makes you question your own morality.

You can roam the world of Fallout, and choose your own path. You don’t necessarily have to pass all the mission objectives of the game in order to enjoy it. Venturing out into the unknown, hunting and gathering supplies, bartering, fighting mutated specimens, drinking Nuka-Cola....just doesn’t get any better than this. Oh yes it does actually.

Although the earlier games did not provide the ability to own an in-game home, the later ones do, making it even more appealing.  Not only can you now modify/upgrade your gear but you can also store and display them in your Fallout home. Did I also mention that you are able to wear Tesla armor and wield alien weaponry? You don't have to enjoy all of this on your own by the way. NPCs such as a dog or a mutant are also able to accompany you and help, if you want them to. You can do all of this and much more while listening to an excellent soundtrack. We get to hear music that gives you a sense of nostalgia and really puts you in that era.

If you are a gamer and have never played a Fallout game, you should. The games are on multiple gaming platforms. What's my favorite Fallout game you ask? It’s Fallout 4. Why? There are so many things that one can do in this game including establishing settlements throughout the wasteland. You also have the ability to assign work to your settlers. I also highly recommend playing the spin-offs like Fallout: New Vegas, one of the most popular ones. If you are a fan of online gameplay, Fallout 76 has you covered. However, there have been many complaints that any random online player can nuke your town despite how much time you took to develop it.  But guess what…you can do the same! The line between good and evil can be either very clear or very hazy. In Fallout, anything goes.

The Fallout franchise doesn’t seem to have an end any time soon. I hope not. Ok, back to playing Fallout.


  1. it's an incredible series of games! i recommend even the older ones! i guarantee you will enjoy it


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