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Top 10 Metroid Fan Games by Luigy Monsores

One thing I have that I have started to appreciate more and more is fan-made games, hacks, and fan translations. The gaming community has tons of talented people who want to create and play games and share their creations with others. Here at Latest Game Reviews, we love the Metroid series, so when I found this video from YouTuber Luigy Monsores, I wanted to share it with you all. 

Metroid Planets and Zero look fantastic! I love how they use a similar look to the original game. I mean, that is the game that started it all for me. Plus, I am particularly fond of the NES style. Every single one of these games looks incredible, and I hope I can play some of them. Have you played any of these fan-made Metroid games? Which ones look interesting to you? 

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